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Needle Scabbard (Holder) for Prevention of Accidental Sharps

needleThe  Scabbard Needle Holder in action: The needle is inserted into the Scabbard using only one hand, thereby averting accidental sharps to the other hand. The protected needle is then withdrawn for safe disposal. This single handed use meets OSHA mandates.

The Needle Scabbard (Holder) is a new device that allows the physician, dentist, veterinarian, and their assistants to replace the cap with one hand. That the needle is immediately recapped and with one hand, prior to disposal is very important. Also, blood is prevented from dripping near the operator or the patient.


Many health care workers are using this device to uncap and recap Vacutainer needles and syringes. Using it, they feel assured of a quickly recapped needle before seeking a disposal box that may be already full, inconveniently located or difficult to operate. 

CDC and OSHAThe CDC and OSHA has published* its recommendations for infection control practices. Included are recommendations for the use and care of sharp instruments and needles. Recapping needles increases the risk for accidental injury, and most needle stick accidents do occur during recapping. Their advice is that any sharp items should be considered potentially infective and must be handled with extraordinary care to prevent injuries.

In a 1988 paper, the New England Journal of Medicine, (Jagger et. al) hazards cited include the risk of disassembling a device within an uncapped contaminated needle. The needle should be covered before disassembly of the device, and the needle should remain covered after disposal.

The Center for Disease Control and OSHA advises no recapping of needles or syringes by hand. This new device provides a safe alternative; RECAPPING WITHOUT USING BOTH HANDS.

Recapped needles protect others when moving to the disposal box. The Needle Scabbard is a device carefully designed & tested to accomplish these necessary and crucial goals.

Instructions for Use

  • InstructionAdhere to dry convenient surface.
  • Remove cap - place into holder.
  • To recap - reinsert firmly.
  • For disposal - draw out avoiding lip.
  • To sterilize - slide out top. (260 degrees max.)
  • Longer needle caps require longer scabbards.
  • 1" needle - clear color. 
  • 11/2" needle - yellow color.
innovators of medical and dental products
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