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Sof StopSof Stop is a simple device for dental practitioners that enhances the effectiveness of the standard saliva ejector or HVE. It is a soft foam tip that fits over Saliva Ejectors and HVE's. In construction, it is a soft foam cylinder made with medical grade polyether foam of 45 cells per inch. This type of foam is used in dialysis machines, blood filters, and open-heart surgery machines. SofStop is the Simple Solution to:

  • Blocked Suction
  • Contaminated Aerosols
  • Unpleasant Pressure
  • Noise
  • Tissue Grab
  • Micro Laceration

How It Works:How It Works

Multiple ports formed by open cell foam provide alternate pathways for the vacuum, resulting in a constant, gentle suction.

Contaminated aerosols and splatter are prevented from exiting the mouth due to the greatly enlarged area exposed to the vacuum.



Sof DiagramInstructions:

Use on Saliva Ejectors or HVE tubes

Place foams before bending

Prepare several for ready use later.

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innovators of medical and dental products
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