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Scabbard Research, Inc.
innovators of medical and dental products.

logoBelow are testimonials from medical professionals:

Sof Stop

"I use them because my patients love them and I feel it is a great way to build a practice:"- Dr. Harry Rzpeka, Lyndhurst Ohio

"They really keep my patients comfortable" - Dr. W. Wang Los Angeles, California.

Scabbard Needle Holder

"The Needle Scabbard Holder is the best recapping device we have ever evaluated." - A testing Laboratory of the US Armed Forces (specific name witheld by regulation; details sent privately upon request)

"My staff feels much safer using the recapping device." - Dr. R. Knoll, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Butterfly Trap

"I know the literature attributes 48% of accidental needle sticks to health care workers to butterflys. Thank you for this important safety device." - Oncology Phlebotomist, Ireland Cancer Center, University Hospitals of Cleveland.

"I have been concerned about blood dripping from used butterflys. The Butterfly Trap effectively breaks the trail of blood dripping on the floor. We are looking for reduced hospital infections." - Nurse Administrator
Oncology Dept., University Hospitals of Cleveland.


innovators of medical and dental products
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